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Taxi driver and passenger protection, post-Corona

Taxis, ride-hailing app and PHV company drivers are required to wear at least face masks in the US, Canada, Mexico, India and most of Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa from Monday 18th May – BUT SADLY NOT IN THE UK, where it’s advisory but not mandatory.

Uber, Addison Lee and other such companies are supplying free personal protective equipment to their drivers, plus Perspex partition screens between drivers and passengers. Obviously, drivers will clean and sanitize hard surfaces in their vehicle several times a week, and wear protective equipment too; however, bacteria and fungi can multiply if cleaning is not thorough.

Furthermore, these measures are designed to protect the driver but what about his/her passengers, particularly those with children? The first child safety seat to protect children and drivers That’s why Trafold developed Safe.t Shield for the Taxie child safety seat. It’s a coat of invisible armour, which prevents bacteria and fungi from multiplying and spreading on its surfaces.​ But how can this work? The Taxie child safety seat is effective against bacteria and fungi 1. Hygiene Function + Fungi Protection

Safety.t Shield is applied to cloth during the dyeing process. It is based on Zinc pyrithione. It will first destabilize the bacteria and fungi cell membrane, then inhibit the generation of energy and finally prevent the storage of energy.

2. Easy clean coating A splash-proof layer, applied to the cloth cover, prevents liquids passing through the cloth cover thereby keeping the safety seat structure clean. It also means that dirt cannot cling to the cloth cover surface, making it much easier to clean.

​3. Night Safety Feature

The reflective element added to the cloth cover, makes the safety seat visible in a darkened situation. Increased visibility at night means an increased safety level for the driver and for the passenger. Who protects our children in taxis and PHVs? The industry, however, seems to be in stagnation. TfL said it is waiting to hear from the London Strategic Coordination Group (SCG); Licencing Authorities are waiting to hear from the Government; meanwhile steps are not being taken to formally protect the ‘taxi’ industry nor the rights of children riding in taxis and PHVs – despite the fact that drivers are responsible, by law, for the safety of occupants in their cabs – it really doesn’t stack up. What’s the solution as far as child safety and hygiene is concerned? There is a seat designed for children of 1 year and above with a scalable configuration, which when folded, is the size of a piece of hand luggage. Just unlock the base, flip it over, adjust the headrest and it is good to go. When finished, one just wipes it down, folds it back up and stores it in the boot – germ-free – with plenty of room for passenger luggage. Furthermore, this seat has a sanitized hygiene covering which stops bacteria and fungi spreading and it’s very easy to clean.


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