About us


This is Richard Choi industry designer by day and by night a father of 3 kids 

When we were expecting our 3rd baby, I was looking into the child safety transportation product and it seems the family sector has seemed great innovation for the past 10 years.

On the contrary, the public transport sector has seen very little innovation and, while I was in the UK I was surprised to see the outdated child safety feature on public transport.  

Since then this has inspired me to innovate with the aim to ensure a child is fully protected in a public transport environment.

2 other key members are based in Taipei R&D office:

David Kang - Lead designer with automotive industry background.

Dannis Yeh - Lead engineer with automotive industry background.

Several part-time team members:

Victor Tardieu - Marketing & Sales Specialist

Caleb Chan - Investor Relation

Jung Jian - Mechanical Engineer

Wei-Chih Huang - CAE Analysis Specialist

Emma Chan - Colour & Trim Designer