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Make Uber the SAFEST taxi company.

Taxis and minicabs typically leave children travelling unsafe. It is because they do not provide child safety seats for young passengers. Parents have to book in advance for a child car seat. But that situation is going to change with the help from Taxie®.

It is a great opportunity for Uber to lead the competition by promoting itself as 'The SAFEST taxi company' in the country. Uber could become the first taxi company that always provide a child safety seat for all children aged over 1.5-year-old.

Taxie® comply with ECE-R129 safety regulation, which 49 countries all over Europe, Asia and Africa have adopted.

We care about child safety.

If only child car seat small enough to store on every car, then children will be well protected. That is the reason for us to develop Taxie®. Our design allows transportation like Taxi and Uber to carry a child car seat all the time. Children between 15months to 12 years old will protect at the latest ECE-R129 standard.

Taxie® by Trafold® created to help drivers provide a better service. Taxie designed for children of 76cm and above with a scalable product the size of a piece of hand luggage. Just unlock the base, flip it over, adjust the headrest, and you are good to go. When you finish, simply fold it back up and store it in the boot – leaving plenty of room for passenger luggage. 

small car-op.gif
Award-winning Design

A professional car seat needed to design for children of different height and weight. We carefully designed the car seat and tried hard to provide the best protection during impacts from different directions. We first study children in every age level and use that data to design the car seat then we use the computer impact simulation technology widely used in the automobile industry to improve and fine-tune the structure and design.
Therefore, we designed Safe-T® Clamp and Safe-T® Wing 


Safe-T® Clamp

not only effectively hold car seat onto the vehicle seat, but also can use hold the build-in child seat belt in place while being used as a booster seat.

Safe-T® Wing

located on both sides of the car seat, allow the car seat to adjust its side protection volume without weakening car seat protection structure. So that all children over 76cm will be protected.
Moreover, we removed all unnecessary steps for installation, and the result is Taxie is 25% quicker to install.


Taxie® is a foldable child safety seat designed for taxis and cabbies.

We see there is growing concern about the hygiene of public transport, and that lead us to develop Safe-T® Shield protection.

Safe-T® Shield

Taxie's unique Safe.T® Shield application on child car seats. Keeps taxi drivers and passengers safe. Trafold® has developed Safe.T® Shield and incorporated it into the Taxie® child car seat. 

But how can this work? ​
1. The integral bacterial and fungal protection
2. Easy clean coating
3. Night Safety Feature


Safe-T® Shield Sanitized hygiene seat stops bacteria and fungi spreading, and it's very easy to clean.

Compare to other child car seats


Compare04 copy.jpg
Compare04 copy.jpg

* Taxie® by Trafold® is a convertible child car seat that has been designed and engineered to comply with worldwide regulatory standards. On delivery, Taxie will comply with UN ECE R129/03 for most countries.


Installation for a child over 95cm


Installation for a toddler under 105cm


Test and Risk


Taxie® has been tested based on the ECE-R129 standard, and we are confident to go into production to prepare for the final test.

With the early help from the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) and now our Computer Aid Engineer analyzes specialist, Taxie professional car seat has pass CAE test on both front/rear/side-impact requirement stated in ECE-R129. CAE is a professional tool that widely uses in the automobile industry. To allow automakers to reduce product development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort, and durability of the vehicles they produce.

We are confident that Taxie® will not reject by regulatory approval as Taxie® has been designed and engineered to meet or exceed the regulatory standards.

However, it is definitely our intention to provide refunds if we are prevented from launching Taxie® due to the regulatory approval process.

We are monitoring the possible schedule impact caused by Covid-19. And we will notice supporters when there is any impact.

The award-winning team


Victor+Richard copy.jpg

The team in London:

Richard Choi - Founder

Victor Tardieu - Marketing Strategy Advisor

Steve Clemenson - Investor Relations Director (Europe)

Caleb Chan - Investor Relations Director (Asia)

The R&D team in Taipei:

David Kang - Industrial Design Director

Dennis Yeh - Engineering Director

Emma Chen - Colour and Material Trim Specialist

JungJian Huang - Engineer Specialist


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