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How to compete with Uber

without increasing your working hours?


As a taxi driver, you face an ever more competitive marketplace growing by up to 2% every year. Then, there is the competition from ride-hailing apps added to the increased cost of maintaining a vehicle on the road

Lower your cost and work longer hours are not a sustainable solution.

You need to improve your service to stay competitive and to be able to accept every fare, especially from families with small children – but that means carrying several sizes of child safety seat 

One unique solution is the new Taxie child safety seat from Trafold

Carrying one space-saving seat, the size of a piece of hand luggage, your business becomes more competitive.


Just unlock the base, flip it over, adjust the headrest and you are good to go. When you are finished, just fold it back up and store it in the boot – leaving plenty of room for passenger luggage.


Improve service quality

Stay competitive

by providing the Taxie child safety seat

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