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How do I keep germs away from my cab

to keep me and my passengers safe


Obviously , you will clean and sanitize hard surfaces in your vehicle several times a week.

However bacteria and fungi can multiply if cleaning is not thorough.

That’s why Trafold developed Safe.t Shield for the Taxie child safety seat. It’s a coat of invisible armour, which prevents bacteria and fungi from multiplying and spreading on its surfaces


Furthermore, the seat was designed for children of 1 year and above with a scalable configuration, which when folded, is the size of a piece of hand luggage. Just unlock the base, flip it over, adjust the headrest and you are good to go. When you are finished, just wipe it down, fold it back up and store it in the boot – germ free – with plenty of room for passenger luggage.


Sanitized hygiene seat stops bacteria and fungi spreading

and it’s very easy to clean


3 Elements within                   to protect passenger and driver:


1. Hygiene Function + Fungi Protection

Applied to cloth during the dyeing process, and it is based on Zinc pyrithione. It will first destabilizes the bacteria and fungi cell membrane, then inhibits the generation of energy and finally prevents the storage of energy.

Technical details PDF

2. Easy clean coating

A splash-proof layer applied to the cloth cover. Not only able to avoid liquid pass through cloth cover to keep safety seat structure clean. It also means dirt could not hold onto the cloth cover surface, make it much easier to clean.

3. Night Safety Feature

The reflective element will add to the cloth cover, make the safety seat visible in a dark situation. Increase visibility at night means to increase safety level for the driver and for the passenger.

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