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Quicker and easier to install

How to take less time installing a child safety seat and still provide good protection to the young passenger?


Normal ECE-R129 seat features, include: Isofix, top-tether strap or an anti-rotation leg. This not only means that seats are bigger, but it also means drivers need to plug in and tighten up seats, and then open the rear door to buckle up the top-tether strap from the back. That makes installing a child safety seat more difficult and more time-consuming.

Then consider that different ages of a child require different types of seat installed in a different way.

In this scenario, preparing a child safety seat for 7 years old, the Chart shows that the Taxie child safety seat takes 2 steps less to install – that is a full 25% quicker

Taxie is quicker and easier to install and it’s built to the latest ECE-R129 safety standard.

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