Do I need an ECE-R129 child car seat?

if I am using ECE-R44 standard seats, now?

Child safety seat regulation ECE-R44, became law 40 years ago

Much later in 2013, ECE-R129 was introduced for iSize and non- iSize seats

This new regulation finalized in Dec 2018. And is going to replace current regulation. After SEP 2020, no more new design ECE-R44 (Group 1/2) car seat will approve to sell in EU

What this means for you is; child car seats will become much bigger, and you

will no longer be able to put two different size seats in your boot – plus. you

will have to replace every single seat in your inventory


That is why we have created Taxie. It’s as small as a piece of hand luggage

Just unfold it – put it in place in your car – adjust the headrest, and you are

good to go.

When you are finished, just fold it back up and store it in the boot – leaving

plenty of room for passenger luggage.

The Taxie child safety seat complies with ECE-R129 regulation

and is suitable for all children with height over 76cm (around 15months)


ECE-R129 included 6 types of Child Restraint System, and Taxie belongs to:

1(c) Non-integral Universal Enhanced Child Restraint Systems (i-Size booster seat);
1(e) Integral Universal Belted Enhanced Child Restraint Systems;