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What to include on a taxi firm website

There are very few businesses that do not need a website. Unfortunately, there are still many self-employed taxi drivers that do not have a website. Whilst some may not be technically minded enough to pursue building a website themselves, others do not perceive value since customers are found through traditional channels. However, those without a website are missing out on potential work that is inevitably going to competitors.

Granted, building a bespoke website can be expensive, but there are many tools available to help you set up a basic website for only a few pounds per month and with no technical ability. If a website were to generate just one job per month, it would pay for itself. Whilst you do not have to be an expert to create a website, we have outlined some recommendations for what your website might include to improve your business prospects.

Contact Information

Perhaps a little obvious, but your website must contain contact information. However, what you may not have considered is that many people now prefer to use social media messaging rather than make a phone call. It is essential that you Include your phone number and, ideally, an email address. But it may also be worth thinking about adding WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger if this is something you can support.

About you

Every business is unique and leveraging that uniqueness can help you improve the value of your offering. It is therefore important that you present who you are, what you do and why you are different. You can make this as formal or as informal as you want. If you’re self-employed, working under your own brand, a personal approach is often appreciated by customers.


No one likes a boring text-heavy website. It does not look appealing and that influences brand perception. Whether you have photos of your cars, yourself, your team or your local area, bring your website to life with visual content that appeals to your customers. A the very least, photos of your car gives your website a personal dimension, showing that you are real and reinforcing your branding.

Local info

Displaying area guides, restaurants and events is a useful way to attract new customers. For example, when they search for a restaurant, you may also appear in Google. This increases brand awareness and provides an opportunity to prompt potential customers to book your services.

Services offered

It’s always a good idea to show the areas you service and the jobs you will or won’t take on. This will eliminate timewasters, particularly if you are able to display explicit pricing for jobs like airport transfers. It will further save time when customers are looking for special requests that you may not be able to provide, such as those requiring larger capacity, disabled access, or times you’re not willing to work. By being explicit you can make the booking process more efficient.

Price calculator (perhaps)

Building a pricing calculator is not for everyone. However, if you have a simple pricing structure it may be worth considering. Many people no longer like calling for quotes, but prefer to compare prices. If you provide a pricing calculator you may find more calls turn into jobs, though there is always the risk that customers will compare prices and go elsewhere. Building a calculator will depend on your specific situation and whether you already receive lots of calls that don’t turn into work.


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