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Why do taxi firms need social media?

With almost a third of the world’s population on social media, it is surprising that many taxi firms and drivers still dismiss social media as an effective marketing tool. Whether you want to build your reputation to encourage more people to hail your cars, or you want to be the first choice for bookings, there are steps you can take to use social media to improve your exposure.

Social Media is useful to ensure you are front-of-mind. You can also use it to build a following of customers, share information and manage bookings. Did you know that some firms are now using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as a customer support channels?

Not all drivers have the knowledge or the inclination to use social media. Some may even be worried about privacy. That’s fair enough. But did you know you can create company pages? You don’t have to share your personal details with the world.

Of the taxi firms we approached, we found that Facebook was one of the most effective social media channels for taxi firms. Not only are many people using Facebook, but it’s an easy platform to share updates and deals to customers. However, one barrier is knowing what to post. People won’t follow you if you post uninteresting irrelevant content. However, posting the right content can engage a following. It is recommended that you follow local businesses and people to see what they’re talking about. Perhaps join the conversation and share local updates. If you can be quirky you can get more people interested. Why this this important? If people see you when they log into social media, they will be more likely to think of you when they next need a taxi. You can also tell your customers to follow you when you drive them, encouraging them to join in the conversation.

Facebook, along with other social media channels, give you the opportunity to advertise. You don’t necessarily have to pay to advertise to get new business, but you could consider investing in ads to boost your profile, particularly around peak times or seasons. For example, as the Christmas season approaches and more people are out drinking, posting daily messages, offers or anecdotes may encourage bookings.

There’s no right or wrong answer to whether you should use social media, but as a taxi driver you have a good opportunity to engage with potential customers through social media. However, don’t do it half-heartedly, if you decide you want to use social media, you must commit to managing it since an unloved page may put off potential customers.


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