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Using Google Reviews for Taxi Firms

It is well known that customers value the endorsements of others. This is because the Buyer Decision Process involves passing several stages that include identifying a need for a product or service, researching a solution to their need, evaluating alternatives, making the decision to purchase and, finally, evaluating their decision post-purchase, which will influence repetitive purchasing behaviours.

Google reviews can assist potential customers throughout this decision process by helping them evaluate alternative options. For example, a product or service with positive reviews will be more attractive to a customer than an alternative with negative reviews. As a taxi firm, your customers have identified the need to travel from one location to another and have opted to travel by taxi, but they must decide who to go with – you or a competitor.

Your Google Reviews are displayed on your Google Business Listing (see Google My Business). When potential customers search for your business, your business listing and reviews will be available for them to see. It is therefore important to maintain your business listing to ensure it is kept up-to-date. However, reviews can also be helpful if the potential customer has never heard of you before. You can, for example, display your review rating in Google search results pages whenever your website appears in a search result. Not only does this make your website stand out in Google, it is a quick way for potential customers to evaluate their options without clicking through to each website. Since many taxi firms do not manage their Google Reviews, it could put you at a considerable advantage. However, please note that Google has recently changed their policy and now requires the reviews to be displayed on your website for the review rating to appear. You can achieve this through a website plugin or widget provided – best speak to your web developer to implement.

Encouraging great reviews is important. Most customers will not review their experience unless you ask them to do so, and even then, you should show them how. Some firms display signs in their cars welcoming reviews. Others may ask their customers verbally. Whatever works for you, just remember that bad reviews can be very damaging so you really must ensure you offer your customers a good experience. It is recommended that you first build a collection of reviews by asking your regulars to review you, so you know that you have a good basis to build upon.

Bad reviews will happen, you simply can’t please everyone. If you have lots of positive reviews this won’t be a problem. However, it is advised that you reply to any bad reviews pragmatically. You will be judged on your reply. Don’t take offense, but take on board the feedback and communicate that you have done so. If there was a specific issue, address it. Apologise if necessary and, most importantly, learn from it. By listening to your customers, you can build a better business and attract even more customers.


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