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Marketing tips: Places Taxi Firms Should Leave Business Cards

It goes without saying that taxi firms should print business cards. However, it may be surprising to hear that many firms fail to distribute them.

Whilst it may seem obvious, unless you hand out your

business cards people won’t see them. Simply keeping them in your car for those who ask for them is limiting your target market to people who already know you exist. We’ve therefore created a list of places you could leave your cards for increased exposure.

Visibly in your car

You should of course keep your business cards in your taxi. However, make sure they are visible. Leaving cards in an accessible place within your car will increase the chances of your customers seeing them and taking them. Why’s this important? It keeps you front of mind. If they have your card they are more likely to call you than a competitor in the future. Don’t rely on them asking for a card though, make it easy for them to help themselves.

Pubs, Restaurants and Takeaways

Places where alcohol is served and consumed are ideal for leaving your cards. Please do ask the patron first, but why not spend an afternoon walking around the pubs, restaurants and takeaways in your local area, hunting out opportunities? It’s particularly important that you do this because it’s almost certain that your competitors will be doing the same. Remember to check back regularly, since they may run out quickly.

Care Homes

You may already service care home residents, but have you done everything you can to maximise potential business from your local care homes? Leaving your cards with reception would be a great start, particularly if you ever looked to expand the area you cover, but remember to also give them to the residents you drive so that they can pass them on with a personal recommendation.

Railway Station

Many railway stations, particularly the smaller ones, have notice boards and kiosks where you can leave your cards. Granted, many taxi firms hover outside stations, but why not get the upper hand and encourage your clients to book in advance. You’ll also have an advantage when trains are delayed and cancelled, and you’re needed off-timetable.

Community boards

Most villages, supermarkets and post offices will have a community board where local businesses can advertise for free. It’s good to leave cards and check back regularly, particularly in supermarkets for when someone unexpectedly buys a little more than they can carry.

Travel Agents

Do you do airport runs? Why not leave your cards with local travel agents and offer a special rate so that the travel agent can incorporate your service into their package? You may find you get better jobs with the flexibility to book long in advance. Get in quickly and become their preferred partner.

On you

Whether in your wallet, pocket or handbag, you should have your business cards available because you’ll never know when you’ll need them.


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