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A casual waterproof jacket provides professional bio-protection.

Travelling on a plane

Visiting hospital

Professional bio-protection

Professional Bio-Protection

Safety Shield Plus is a jacket that provides professional bio-protection. It is one of the first day-to-day jackets constructed by a unique designed cloth that passed the Penetration of Phi-X174 Bacteriophage test. It is means the dangerous coronavirus is not able to pass through this jacket. This material provides the same level of protection you can find in hospitals and laboratories.

Design for Daily Commute

Safety Shield Plus is a jacket design for daily commute. It is lightweight and high standard water-resistant for all weathers. Safety Shield Plus passed the Water Resistance Impact Penetration test and Water Resistance Hydrostatic Pressure test and Moisture Permeability test, and much more.

Test Standard (Test Report Number TPF0C471)

CNS 14800 T4041-2004

Penetration of Phi-X174 Bacteriophage

CNS 14799 T4040-2004

Penetration of Synthetic Blood

CNS 12925 L3233-2010 - 6.12.1(2)

Breaking Strength

CNS 12915 L3233-2010 - 6.15.4

Tearing Strength

CNS 12915 L3233-2010 - 6.16.1

Bursting Strength

CNS 8150 L3142-1981 - 6.1

Seam Strength

CNS 14801 T4042-2004

Water Resistance Impact Penetration Test

CNS 10460 L3201-2007 - 5.1 A2

Water Resistance Hydrostatic Pressure Test

CNS 12222 L3233-2009 - 6.1.1 A-1

Moisture Permeability

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