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When will Taxie® ready?

We are going to launch on IndieGoGo on 15th August. Please stay tuned for the details.

What is the dimension of Taxie®?

Taxie is the smallest ECE-R129 child car seat with the dimension 304x551x440mm (12x21.7x17.3inch)

Has Taxie® safety tested?

Yes. Taxie® has been tested based on the ECE-R129 standard, and we are confident to go into production to prepare for the final test.

With the early help from the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) and now our Computer Aid Engineer analyzes specialist, Taxie® professional car seat has pass CAE test on both front/rear/side-impact requirement stated in ECE-R129. CAE is a professional tool that widely uses in the automobile industry. Their use has enabled the automakers to reduce product development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort, and durability of the vehicles they produce.

How come Taxie® does not has Isofix?

That is the reason Taxie® is so smart. Taxie® provides the latest ECE-R129 level of protection without the need for Isofix and top-tether strap (or anti-rotation leg). That not only allow Taxie® to become the smallest and the lightest ECE-R129 car seat, also make Taxie® quicker and easier to install.

Please visit  for further details.

What is the weight of Taxie®?

Taxie is around 5kg in weight.

Is Taxie® an iSize car seat?

Yes, and No

ECE-R129 included 8 types of Child Restraint System, and Taxie belongs to:

1(c) Non-integral Universal Enhanced Child Restraint Systems (i-Size booster seat);
1(e) Integral Universal Belted Enhanced Child Restraint Systems; 

And since Taxie cover 2 different classes, we can also call Taxie a convertible car seat.

A lot of websites and magazines said ECE-R129 is iSize, isn't that correct?

No. That is not correct.

ECE-R129 included 8 types of Child Restraint System, and only 2 types are called iSize. It means there are 6 types of Child Restraint System under ECE-R129 are not iSize car seat.

Can I use Taxie® for a 1-year-old child?

Based on ECE-R129, Taxie® is designed for a child over 76cm.

Children come in different growth rate, so we suggest you check the child's height before use.

Isn't that law require a child under 4 years old to use a rear-facing car seat?

Based on ECE-R129 regulation, a child over 76cm is allow to use a forward-facing child car seat.

Is it legal to use Taxie in Sweden?

Yes, you can use Taxie® in Sweden. The Swedish regulation states in summary (TSFS 2014:52): -- Children with a stature less than 135 cm must use a special protective device (child restraint); infant seat, child seat or booster seat/cushion, approved according to UNECE Regulation 44 or Regulation 129.

Can the seat position adjust?

Yes, you can adjust Safe-T® wings on both sides to increase side-protection for younger children. And you can adjust the head-rest to fit different children's height. But the seat angle is not adjustable.

What is the cover material? Is that leather?

This is a piece of professional fabric with leather appearance; it is soft as a piece of cloth that the young passenger will feel comfortable. Moreover, we have developed Safe-T® Shield and incorporated it into the Taxie® child car seat fabric. Safe-T® Shield stops bacteria and fungi spreading, and it's effortless to clean. please see link below for details

Where is Taxie® manufactured?

Taxie® is going to manufacture in China. Our manufacturing partners are world-renowned manufacturers that are ISO approved and operate at the highest level of manufacturing and quality control standards. They already manufacture child restraint products for several other well-known companies.

Do I need to pay local taxes?

From our experience so far, we have discovered that certain countries can and will charge a local tax.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to pay all local taxes where applicable (including but not limited to sales tax, VAT, GST, duties, etc.).

Is there a danger that Taxie® will fold whilst in use?

Our engineer designed Safe-T® Lock, so when Taxie® is being used by a child in a vehicle, the folding component is locked securely in place. The folding and locking mechanism has been created and tested to be strong and secure so that it is not affected by the forces of a potential collision.

Is there any carry bag that I can order?

We are working on the design. The carry bag will available shortly as an additional item.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, Taxie® has an industry-standard warranty for car seats and depending on the country, the warranty may be better than this.

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