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Family at a Beach

May 22, 2018

Things for a Fun Trip to the Beach

Things to take to the beach

As summer approaches, a trip to the beach is inevitable for many families across the UK. Just a little sunshine is enough to draw in the crowds for what has become a traditional British pastime. But for parents, travelling to the seaside with young ones can also be quite stressful, with risks of sunburn, family members becoming separated and the dangers of the sea. We’ve therefore put together a short list of items you should always remember to take to the beach to ensure your day is as fun as it can be.

Bucket and Spade

Bring plenty of entertainment. A bucket and spade will keep your children busy for hours, building sand castles and digging holes. You could also fly a kite, and play ball games. The beach is a fun place for your children to make new friends so team activities are a great way to get everyone involved.


If you’re at the beach for the day you need to plan food and water. If it’s a busy beach, it’s likely there will be long queues at the seafront cafe, if indeed there is one. So, unless you enjoy queueing, you may as well save time and money by enjoying a homemade picnic on the beach. At the very least remember to bring bottles of water since dehydration is common amongst those who spend a day at the seaside.


Binoculars are great for spotting wildlife and boats out to sea. But they’re also essential for keeping an eye on your children. When the seaside gets busy it’s very easy to lose track of where your children are, so keep alert and use binoculars to keep an eye on them as they wonder off and explore.

Sun Cream

There’s nothing that spoils a day at the beach like sunburn, and when you’re looking after little ones it’s essential you take sufficient sun cream with you, even if it doesn’t seem that hot. You can burn even with cloud cover, especially when you’re exposed outdoors for long periods of time.


It can get windy at the seaside. A windbreak will stop the blowing sand, and help you relax in the sun. At the very least it’ll give you some privacy when the beach is crowded.


If you’ve ever travelled home all wet and covered in sand, chances are you’ll never forget a towel again. It’s inevitably that you’ll get wet and sandy. At the very least a towel is good to sit on, but if you plan on going in the water this is an absolute must,


Bumps and scrapes are inevitable. Best bring a light first aid kit with plasters. With bare feet and hidden stones beneath the sand, it’s worth being ready to apply some tender love and care.


Bring cash. Someone at some point will want an ice cream. There’s also parking and seaside attractions to consider. Many will not accept card payments, possibly because they don’t even have electricity. Either way, don’t be the one to disappoint because you don’t have cash.


For the happy memories. You probably have a camera phone, but why not put your phone away for a while and enjoy being outside? You could bring a waterproof disposable camera for use in the sea, or give one to your children so they can enjoy snapping away.

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