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Planning your child’s first school run

July 14, 2018

Do you remember your first day at school? For some it’s exciting, for others it’s scary. However your children feel about it, it’s nonetheless a special occasion. Preparing for your child’s first day at school is important. The day itself may be stressful, it’s a change for you as well as your child. But there are some things you can do to make sure it all runs smoothly. Hopefully, the following tips will ensure it’s a happy day to remember.

1) Make sure your child knows well in advance that they are about to start school. Keep them excited about it. Count down to the days just like you would for a birthday or Christmas. Tell them about all the exciting things they will be doing and build on the positives of them growing up and making new friends to play with. It’s best if there are no surprises, so tell them what happens at school so they know what to expect. Show enthusiasm and excitement.

2) Do a trial school run. It’s important to know how you intend to take your child to school. It may seem obvious, but don’t forget that driving conditions, parking and buses may be different when school starts compared other times throughout the day. By practicing you can ensure your child knows the routine before the big day, and you won’t be stressed by finding out there is no parking anywhere near the school at 9am.

3) Buy uniforms, stationery and supplies well in advance. It’s best to sort this out early to ensure clothes fit, and that you’ve not forgotten anything. Some schools may require clothing that you child is not used to. It’s best to overcome surprises as soon as possible.

4) Arrange play days with other children who will be attending the school. Your child may well know others through nursery or other clubs. If not, perhaps see if the school will arrange something so your child will arrive knowing other children. It’s important that there is some familiarity before you drop them off.

5) Prepare for the unexpected… rain, oversleeping, car breaking down… when you need things to run smoothly, Murphy’s Law suggests everything will go wrong. By planning in advance you can ensure the day goes well.

6) When the day arrives, prepare a good breakfast and, if applicable, a decent packed lunch. The first day at school is tiring, it’s a big learning curve for your child and, whilst adrenaline will keep them going, good food will stop them from wearing out.

7) Take photos. It is a special day after all, with memories to be cherished.

8) Talk about it. When your child comes home you should find out what they got up to. It’s good to find out what concerned them and make sure they’re happy to go back. If the day didn’t go as smoothly as it should have it’s important to find out why.

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